Your partner in healing the impact of childhood trauma.

Most people do not understand the impacts of early trauma in our world. That’s because our universities, other professional bodies and society in general still has far more to learn. So people continue to hurt, left to navigate the effects of early abuse, neglect and other traumas on their own. And well-meaning clinicians and loved ones struggle to support them. Lifespan Trauma Consulting exists to bridge that gap.

For clinicians

We work alongside clinicians so that they may effectively heal the impact of early trauma in children and adults on an outpatient basis.

For agencies and treatment programs

For those establishing or leading treatment programs and foster care/adoption agencies, we consult to provide optimal care to children with attachment difficulties.

For parents

We consult and guide parents so that may receive appropriate assessments, medication and treatment options for their children and support for their families.

For those willing to learn

Despite what most understand, the impacts of early trauma are pervasive in our society. We see it everyday in our schools, communities and families in the forms of addiction, violence, homelessness and other societal issues. We speak and train to educate and grow awareness and solutions. 

For struggling adults

The impacts of early trauma do not simply go away with time. Without the right intervention, people struggle their entire lives in relationships, at work and in other areas of life. We provide intensive treatment in our Colorado clinic for adults who wish to heal and lead healthier, happier lives.

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