For adoptive families

Consultation and advocacy

We understand the overwhelming difficulties of raising traumatized children. Most adoptive parents do not receive the services and support they need to support their families. We provide consultation and advocacy so they may receive appropriate funding, assessment and treatment and medication options for their children. We also provide expert legal representation.  

Assessment and treatment recommendations for children—Clinicians often confuse the symptoms of attachment issues and mental health struggles. As a result, many children with attachment difficulties receive inappropriate diagnoses which result in inappropriate treatment plans. We properly differentiate attachment from mental health issues, assess and recommend appropriate treatment options for children. 

For assessments, parents complete an intake packet. We review the packet and speak with parents and their children via Skype. As children with RAD manipulate and charm out of an innate survival mechanism, we do not need to meet with them individually or in-person as they do not lend to correct assessments. 

Medication consultation—Dr. John Alston provides consultation with a family’s hometown clinician to secure effective medication for their children. 

Awareness trainings—Adoptive parents can assist us in visiting their corner of the world to present full-day awareness trainings on the complexities of developmental trauma. Most clinicians do not know how to assess the differences of RAD and other diagnoses.  The awareness workshop will open the eyes of professionals and extended family members with the hope that a paradigm shift can happen in supporting adoptive parents. Our awareness workshops often result in more specific training for clinicians, agencies, and even program development opportunities similar to the successful treatment program Forrest Lien developed in Colorado.

Expert legal testimony—Adopted children who suffer from reactive attachment disorder (RAD) manage their surroundings out of a survival mechanism and to feel safe and in control. Many children with RAD falsely accuse their adoptive parents of abuse and neglect as a result. The children often inadvertently sabotage their own healing and healthy family placements. We provide legal testimony to educate judges and juries about this dynamic in the best interest of the child and his or her adoptive family. 

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