Paving the way for kids to heal from early trauma.

“It isn’t that they cannot find the solution. It is that they cannot see the problem.”
– G.K Chesterton

Sadly, our world has a long way to go toward healing early trauma. Clinicians still aren’t getting the effective training they need to recognize and treat its impact. So they misdiagnose children. They give them the wrong medications and make matters worse. Or they blame parents rather than the true root of the problem – the trauma. 

Yet, there is still hope. 

At Lifespan Trauma Consulting, we do understand. We have decades of practical experience effectively working with children and families. We know the struggles families face. Our team of experts provide accurate diagnoses for children, guidance in seeking appropriate help and clinical intervention in getting the medications that will truly make a difference.

Let's heal & hinder further trauma. It starts with finding the effective help.

Forrest Lien, LCSW, Owner and Founder of Lifespan Trauma Consulting, is a renowned childhood trauma expert and post-adoption advocate. Hear a short clip from his presentation about complex trauma at the Mayo Clinic 31st Annual Social Work Symposium and an introduction of our partners, the RAD Advocates.

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Navigating RAD 2022

Keynote Speaker Forrest Lien will present and support Navigating RAD 2022, a unique conference created just for parents of children with RAD by RAD Advocates.

Invite Lifespan Trauma Consulting to find the right path for your child and family.

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